Our People


Kristina WIlson, FOUNDER/CEO

Born and raised in Downers Grove, IL, Kristina has always been a musician, but her love of children and education has been a constant throughout her life. Besides years of nannying and teaching, she has volunteered her services to children as a “safety town” counselor, was a D.A.R.E. role model, a band teacher, and a Big Sister for BBBS of New York. She spent over 5 years in the financial industry before deciding to use her new found business skills mixed with love of art to start Sitters Studio, an arts based babysitting agency. In 2010 she started the first Studio Preschool in Brooklyn, NY. She earned her B.M. at NYU and her M.M. at OCU. She lives with her husband and 3 boys outside of Chicago. www.SittersStudio.com


Courtney Ellis, Marketing and Events

Courtney is an Actor/Singer from Ewing, NJ. She received her B.A. in Theory and Performance from Hampton University, and her M.F.A. in Acting from Columbia University. In addition to Courtney’s background as a childcare provider, she also has experience working with young children in a theatrical setting. She has conducted acting workshops with the Girl Scouts of America, and volunteered for the Young Hampton Players. She has a strong belief that incorporating the arts into a child’s life helps develop a healthy imagination and general everyday happiness.

Heather Gustus, Teacher

Heather Gustus is a Brooklyn based illustrator. She grew up in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and studied communication arts at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. She graduated in 2010 and obtained her BFA degree, with majors in Illustration and Drawing. Heather loves writing short stories and finding inspiration through working with children. Before working at Cassatt, Heather worked as an art teacher for youth in various locations and capacities including "Art n' Autism."

She believes that all children excel in learning through art and finds joy in teaching through imaginative play and spontaneity. In her free time she is usually drawing, painting, practicing wood burning art, playing with her two dogs, reading, watching sci-fi movies or baking pies.


Meghan graduated with an MA from the New School for Social Research with a focus in Neuropsychology. She worked directly with a prominent pediatric psychiatrist where she learned the complexities of childhood development and the connections it has to adult pathology. Searching to find ways to combine her love of psychology and the arts, Meghan began researching music and visual perception. Specifically, she published articles on the relaxing effects of classical music on eating behavior.

Colleen Chisholm, teacher

Colleen is an early educator who has been a preschool teacher for over 6 years. She is a painter and has worked as an art teacher to give children the skills, support, resources, space and time to respond to their own interests and ideas through art making.

Colleen grew up in Colorado where she spent much of her childhood practicing art and being inspired by nature. After graduating from the University of Colorado with a degree in Art History, she moved to Brooklyn in 2007. She believes exposure to major works of art at an early age is fundamental in fostering children's curiosity about the world as well as encouraging lifelong cultural appreciation.

Nicole MiddleTON, Teacher

Nicole is a Chicago born theatre artist who is particularly interested in devising new works. For a decade she was a nanny with private clients. Helping coordinate opening Studio Preschool has been exciting for her because she knows this approach to educating young ones works. Working as a Artisitter for years with Sitters Studio has taught her the importance (and fun!) of integrating arts into childcare. One of her favorite jobs was being a counselor at YMCA Camp Pinewood, where she was able to share her love of preforming and yoga with children while surrounded in nature. She briefly worked with children in a clinical setting as an intern at The Institute of Therapy through the Arts (ITA). She holds two Bachelors degrees in Acting and Sociology from Carthage College. 

Jessica CampBell, ASSISTANT Director

Jessica is excited to join the Studio Preschool team.